About Oracle for Startup

ORACLE for Startups Program

Oracle for Startups is a program whose objective is to create a virtuous circle of
innovation combining the ingenuity of startups with the resources of companies
to deliver transformative solutions to customers.

Who is it for?

  • Startups of any size
  • In the B2B or B2C technology sector
  • Aimed at a broad market

What are they looking for?

  • Affordable and Secure Cloud – Access to Global Customers
  • Business scale (internationalization)

Main Features

Technological support

Startups accelerate their growth with the free cloud and the support of experienced product teams

  • 70% discount from the first day
  • $ 500 free cloud credits (with the option to request up to $ 1,000 more)
  • Migration and technical support with live monthly webinars

Human Support

Startups will have greater attention and access to customers through their participation in the Market Connect program

  • Network of national and international mentors who provide a strategic or technical vision for cloud support, supporting the startup during its journey
  • Experts dedicated to facilitating global marketing, events, and public / media relations
  • Opportunities to engage with Oracle’s 430,000+ customers (for eligible companies)


– You will have the opportunity to work at least 30 minutes a week for 3
– Ability to define objectives to work with the mentor
– You will be able to describe your ideal mentor: experience and specific skills for your

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