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Happÿdonia Visit Website ¿What is Happÿdonia? At Happÿdonia we develop an innovative internal communication platform that facilitates the digital transformation of companies by improving their

Life Beyond Work

Life Beyond Work Visit Website ¿What is Life Beyond Work? We promote a work culture with a human and flexible sense, implementing labor innovation through


Payflow Visit Website ¿What is Payflow? Payflow is an “all-in-one” application that brings financial wellness to the masses. This is a revolutionary service that offers

Doctor CV

Doctor CV Visit Website ¿What is Doctor CV? We make people more employable. In 10 seconds, using AI we discover the errors in the writing


EmiLabs Visit Website ¿What is EmiLabs? Emi is a recruitment and selection platform with Artificial Intelligence that allows to shorten the hiring cycles, make the


Talentoo Visit Website ¿Visit Talentoo? We digitize the HR sector and the selection of personnel by offering a B2B platform, in which we connect companies


Filmijob Visit Website ¿What is Filmijob? Generator of corporate talent platforms to automate selection processes through the use of video and Big Data technologies. Our


Appto Visit Website ¿What is Appto? Appto is a mobile application that allows, by means of an Affidavit, to control the access of people according


HireFlix Visit Website ¿What is HireFlix? We are the easiest to use delayed video interview platform. We allow the interviewer to record questions on video,


4Talent Visit Website ¿What is 4Talent? 4Talent has different types of solutions for people management, our main emphasis being recruitment and selection, as well as